ACCIONA is a unique operator in the renewable energy sector on the world level.

ACCIONA is a unique operator in the renewable energy sector worldwide. It works exclusively in renewables and has a major presence in five of them (wind, solar thermal, photovoltaic, hydro and biomass). It owns and operates near 9,700 MW of capacity, in facilities that produce more than 20 TWh per year, and has installed another 1,900 MW for other customers. The company is present throughout the value chain, i.e. project development and engineering, construction and manufacture of wind turbines, operation and maintenance of installations and management and sale of power. It is the company with the longest experience – 30 years – in a sector with many new operators, and has a global dimension with a major presence in around 20 countries.

ACCIONA Energía presents itself to the market as a global operator in clean energies that has certain essential features:

  • Operational excellence.In the management of assets, achieving the highest efficiency ratios and optimum operation.
  • Capability as a project developer.Both for its own projects and for third parties, with 9,000 MW already in service.
  • Leadership in Innovation. With an ongoing approach of applying the most suitable and efficient solutions at all times.

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    * Data at 31/12/2018 


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      ACCIONA Green Energy Developments

      ACCIONA Green Energy Developments is the subsidiary of ACCIONA Energía that manages the sale of energy produced in the group’s installations, plus that of other producers that benefit from our technical capability and experience, adapted to the needs of each customer

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